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I’ve watched as print media publishers have tried to make the transition from paper to tablet, and sometimes its painful.  What you end up with is usually a rehash of the printed content with a layout designed to exploit the tablet’s “swipe” functionality, and that’s about it.  Unless you count the occasional “iframed” video clip, there is limited interactivity.  This is true for print media in general, but it’s even truer for the publishers of cooking magazine, where there’s so much potential to exploit the medium.

That all changes with Panna, a new bi-monthly video cooking magazine that not only leverages the power of the tablet medium, but it actually aims to show you how to be a better cook. Through stunning graphics and informative high-def videos, Panna goes where no cooking app has gone before and, in doing so,  shows us what a tablet-based cookbook or magazine should look and act like.  At last, you may actually get some money out of that iPad you bought.

But Panna isn’t just a pretty face filled with highly stylized fluff and hype. It’s actually backed with some solid content written by highly qualified, and notable chefs and authors like Rick Bayless, Anita Lo, Nancy Silverton and Jonathan Waxman. You can’t go wrong with a supporting cast like that. Developed by David Ellner, an entertainment industry insider, Panna is the electronic cooking resource we’ve been waiting for.  Take the best of a cookbook and the best of a cooking show, put them together, and you have Panna.

My single favorite feature is the ability to tap on recipe instructions and watch a chef walk you through each step at your pace. Try doing that with a printed magazine!  Panna is currently only available for iPad, but an Android version is slated for release this spring.  The app is free to download. Individual issues cost $4.99, but a year’s subscription (6 issues) cost just $14.99

This is the first tablet based cooking app that I have actually been excited about, but don’t take my word for it, see for yourself. Check out their website to learn more and watch a video demonstration.

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  • catriona February 6, 2013, 10:26 pm

    Great to know, Dave! I was making béchamel for lasagna the other eve and pulled up youtube on my iPad mini for a quick tutorial in the kitchen! Totally gonna check out Panna – thx for sharing!

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